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ISO-Bar Technology

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Why do you we call our machines ISO-Bar?

An isobar is a line of constant pressure on a weather map. The Kohler ISO-Bar metering element provides a line of constant loading pressure on an applicator roll regardless of face width. Grooved rods are loaded via air pressure directly to the applicator roll, the rod meters the fluid volumetrically on the applicator roll with a uniformity that is independent of line speed. Application rate is easily fine tuned by rod pressure and adjusting applicator roll speed, rather than changing rod size every time application rate needs to be adjusted.

The ISO-Bar technology is what allows our machines to radically reduce film thicknesses of starch or other fluids, giving you the ability to accurately meter film thicknesses lower than .0002 inches (5 microns) !

We also manufacture...

Web Handling Equipment:

  •  90䵲nBar
  •  180䵲nBar
  •  Universal TurnBar Guide
  •  Kohler Air Knife

ISO-Bar Glue Machine

The ISO-Bar Glue Machine

High speed glue machine that eliminates washboarding, producing board which is drier and flatter than ever before. The revolutionary ISO-Bar Glue Machine brings paper coating technology to corrugated, achieving pinpoint accuracy of adhesive application.

ISO-Blade Coater

The ISO-Bar Blade Machine

The ISO-Blade Coater is available in two versions: one for fine paper, the other for paperboard. Both models provide more precise coatweight control, reduction in off quality, less downtime and fewer breaks with better quality, and longer blade life.

ISO-Bar Roder

The ISO-Bar Rod Coater

The ISO-Bar Rod Coater is field proven in more than 40 installations worldwide. It೵perior performance makes it the right choice for precision coating applications on or off the paper machine.

ISO-Bar Waterdeck

The ISO-Bar Water Deck Machine

The ISO-Bar WaterDeck gives you precision control of paper moisture, eliminating washboarding, warp, and brittle bonding issues.Take a look at how ISO-Bar WaterDecks are used in The Iso-Thermal process.

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