About us

Our History

The Kohler Coating Machinery Corporation was formed in 1960 by John B. Kohler in Canton, Ohio. The focus of this corporation was split between the paper and steel industries. By the mid-1980s, all four of John Kohler’s children had assumed executive positions in the company, including Herb Kohler, who became Vice President of the Paper Division in 1985. Unfortunately, during an 18-month period beginning in 1999, a large number of KCMC’s domestic steel customers fell victim to the deterioration of the American steel industry and filed for bankruptcy protection. These and other factors forced KCMC to divide the assets of the paper and steel sides of the business and sell them separately.

In July 2001, Herb Kohler began working for Coater Services Incorporated, the company that acquired the assets of the paper side of KCMC. Coater Services, doing business as Kohler Coating, provided customers in the paper, corrugating, and converting industries the ability to purchase KCMC’s advanced machinery, service, and spare parts. The company that purchased the steel side assets also had the rights to and marketed under the name Kohler Coating in the steel industry only. Both companies were prohibited from operating in the other’s markets for a period of years.

In late 2004, Herb Kohler acquired the majority ownership of Coater Services Inc. DBA Kohler Coating.

Kohler Coating Inc. Today

In 2015, after the expiration of the market restriction agreement, the company legally changed its name to Kohler Coating, Incorporated.

Kohler Coating, Inc. focuses on creating advanced technology driven products that have a positive impact on the processes and production methods of our customers. Kohler Coating, Inc. takes great pride in our customer’s social responsibility by developing equipment that play a major role in reducing Green House Gas Emissions and increasing overall sustainability within the paper and converting industries.

We make a variety of water based coaters including air knife, blade, rod and metering size press coaters.

These coaters are in use in the paper, paper board, medical packaging, corrugating, floor covering, and plastic film industries in more than 35 countries.

We are a world leader in glue application and moisture control technologies in the corrugating industry. Our products reduce warp, waste, starch consumption and energy usage. Our unique rod metered film applicator systems allow corrugators to run heavy weights and double wall at faster speeds with lower energy consumption per unit of production.

Our coaters are used all over the world to apply barrier, functional, adhesive, and color coatings for repulpable wax replacement, antiskid, dual arch, fiber strengthening, and print surface improvement applications.

Regardless of your industry or machinery needs, we at Kohler Coating Inc. will use our innovative designs to produce customized better, stronger and more efficient products for your company. Our products have evolved to meet our customer’s needs but our top rate customer service has remained the same. Let us show you how Kohler Coating’s innovation will never stop working for you.